My bubba - Dogs Laying Around Playing

Before My bubba's performance for Seattle Secret Shows at Mighty-O Donuts we took a walk down Market Street in Ballard. My was suddenly excited by the sign on a building, it took admittedly too long to realize it was because she's from Sweden (Bubba is from Iceland). Swedish Medical Center probably wasn't the exciting homeland connection My was hoping for, but we shot a video on their lawn anyways. Definitely a can't miss duo at Pickathon this weekend.

Jay Nash - Easy Way There

Back in April, we were fortunate enough to steal Jay Nash away before playing a Seattle Secret Show. Jay, who had an arduous day of travel, was a total trooper and played a couple songs for us on the rooftop of Conduit Coffee in Westlake. Jay was the first musician to play a Seattle Secret Show nearly 8 years ago and we had a great time filming with him. 

Amy Viking - Guns Are Ready

On a quintessential spring day in Seattle, we were privileged to meet up with members of the band Amy Viking at Capitol Hill's Volunteer Park. Nicolai and Max, of Amy Viking, quickly set the tone by pulling out two electric guitars, two mini-amps, and a twelve-pack of Modelo from the trunk. We were set for a nice afternoon. Seattleites as we are, neither Curtis nor I had been to Volunteer Park and were taken aback by the huge views of the Space Needle and the city, especially coming from the large brick tower sitting near the south end of the park. After winding up the long staircase and grabbing an ice cold Modelo to quench our thirsts, the boys jumped into their tune "Guns are Ready." Here is the first take of the day. Enjoy!

Lanford Black - The Man That I Am

One of our favorite Seattle groups, Lanford Black, sailed around Lake Union with us on a beautiful summer day in Seattle. 

After jamming everyone onto the front of our friend's sailboat, we asked the boys of Lanford Black to play us their new song, "The Man That I Am." Due to the many float planes taking off throughout the day, the timing was important for this one-shot take of the song. We didn't quite miss the float plane, but we were lucky enough to have it take off during the bridge, which fit in nicely. Sometimes when you take things the way they are, you start to see them line up for an all too perfect moment. 

Matt Strutynski (FT Jazmarae Beebe) - When You Leave

Local musician Matt Strutynski performs at Gasworks Park on a quintessentially rainy Seattle day.


For one of our first ever Urban Elements Sessions, we met Matt Strutynski and fellow musician Jazmarae Beebe at a beloved local park.  We did not really have a plan of action for attempting this shoot on a rainy day but the setting ended up being ideal to say the least.  After finding we were sharing our shelter with artists of a very different kind, we embraced our surroundings and Matt and Jazmarae gave us a beautiful and intimate performance of his song When You Leave.